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"How to turn a ratty old bathtub and shower surrround into a sparkling new fixture? Dave, at RESURFACE SOLUTIONS has the answer! Thank you so much. You did a great job, and you saved us from having to totally dismantle our bathroom."

- Ann Keylock


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What is bathtub resurfacing?

Bathtub and tile resurfacing, refinishing and re-glazing means: "Professionally spraying a coating on top of the bathtub to change the color and make it shiny and easy to clean once again."  Refinishing Bathtubs and Tile is cosmetic to change the color without ripping out in the bathtub-tile saving hundreds of dollars.

We use the very best in refinishing products to bring you outstanding shine, ease of cleaning and unlike others, 4H hardness, meaning this is one tough coating giving you the the best in durability and a lasting shine.  Our Bathtub and Tile Refinishing and Resurfacing Product is the ONLY Resurfacing Product on the market that can be used underwater such as swimming pools and Hot tubs.  This is a no peel high gloss coat meant for heavy use and will stand up well for bathtubs, tile, sinks and counter tops.

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Chip Repairs

Chip repairs can be done for white and almond bathtubs. We fill the damaged area and apply primer and top coats to the area blending in with the rest of the bathtub.

This service is economical ranging from $75 to $150. Chip repairs will take an hour or two to complete.