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The Process


Bathtub Refinishing, Bathtub Resurfacing and Bathtub Re-glazing all means spraying a new coating over your existing surface to give the bathtub and tile a new fresh look.  White is usually requested, and we can Re-glaze, Resurface or Refinish in a day, done, ready to use the next day.

Your local Bathtub Refinishing Professional is actually part Designer, part Chemist, part Specialty Painter, and part Artisan. The bathtub refinishing process is highly detailed, and requires professional training and equipment. Many of our chemicals are designed only for use by professionals who are trained in their proper use. The basic stages of bathtub refinishing are listed below:

PREPARATION: Your existing bathtub will be professionally cleaned with specialized industrial cleaners. Some of these products will actually break down the original surface, in preparation of receiving a brand new finish. All dirt, soap scum, detergents, and other contaminants will be removed. The existing plumbing fixtures, overflow and drain will either be masked or removed.   Surrounding tile walls will be prepared, if they are to be refinished. The original caulk line on the bathtub, which is often mildewed, will be removed. Any pits, chips, or other damage to the original bathtub surface will be repaired using specialty products designed for these surfaces. Your bathroom will be masked off, which protects surfaces that were not meant to be refinished. Masking off your bathroom also minimizes dust, however some dust nibs are enviable in the resurfaced bathtub, this is normal and they will wear off in time.   Ventilation equipment will be set up in the bathroom and ducted out another window or door to minimize smells and overspray . Your new surface will be applied in a surface prep phase, and then the topcoats and finally the diamond coat which is a clear coat to protect the color coats and give a great shine.   Many of the products used are applied by special spray equipment, to ensure a beautiful, durable, high gloss finish.

COMPLETION: Your Bathtub Refinishing Professional will remove his equipment, and check the surface. Cure times for the products, also known as return-to-service times, is usually the next day, at times a second trip is required for caulking and cleanup but usually the job will be done in a day.  Your Bathtub Refinishing Professional will discuss this with you ahead of time. Your bathtub will now look as shiny and beautiful as the day it was first installed. An anti-slip bathmat may be installed if desired on another day.

WHAT SHOULD THE HOMEOWNER DO BEFORE THE RESURFACING: Remove from the bathroom pictures, towels, housecoats and everything from the sink including your toothpaste brush and bottles.  Also the garbage can and any hampers.  The Resurface Technician will need water in the bathtub for cleaning and electrical must be turned on for our equipment to run.



"How to turn a ratty old bathtub and shower surrround into a sparkling new fixture? Dave, at RESURFACE SOLUTIONS has the answer! Thank you so much. You did a great job, and you saved us from having to totally dismantle our bathroom."

- Ann Keylock


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