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My bathroom is a mess. What can be resurfaced, Re-glazed or Refinished?

We often get asked about what items can be resurfaced; and understandably s

o, given the number of different finishes in a bathroom.

More than tubs and sinks, resurfacing can be done on countertops, tiles, tub surrounds, floors and even tiled ceilings. Because of the durability and adhesion of the primer used in our products, we can refinish enamel, porcelain, fiberglass, acrylic, tile, marble and other surfaces.

Old bathrooms often look like they can’t be saved, but with a little work, you won’t have to go through the mess and expense of a complete renovation. Issues like mouldy grout, rust, chips and black spots are no match for resurfacing!

We clean the mouldy grout before hand to prevent regrowth, then we cover grout and tile with the resurfacing coating to ensure it stays mould free. Rust bubbles and black marks are often the result of worn or chipped enamel. By sanding and treating these areas prior to spraying the refinishing products you will have a protective coating in place that keeps bathroom fixtures looking new.


Resurfacing your bathroom is often easier than renovating. Here’s how:

Bathrooms can give you a lot of grief – especially when something is wrong. Chips in a tub or sink, mismatched tile surrounds and 1970s coloured backsplashes may have you contemplating ripping the room apart and starting over.

Wait! Before undertaking something as messy, time-consuming and expensive as a renovation, consider the benefits and savings of resurfacing.

Perhaps the most obvious benefit is time. Instead of the weeks of destruction, construction and waiting inherent in full renovations, resurfacing delivers a brand new finish to your bathroom in six or seven hours (for an entire tub and surround). Just 24 hours later you’ll be able to remove the final protective masking and enjoy the beauty of your new bathroom.

Other benefits are reduced sounds and smells. When renovating you may be exposed to loud compressors, saws and other power tools. Our Canadian-made compressors and sprayers make about as much noise as the average vacuum. Renovating may also involve a wide range of harsh, toxic-smelling adhesives, sealants and cleaners. While our products are not odor-free, we do use one of the best products available with the least odor. I can guarantee this because I’ve sprayed almost every resurfacing product out there! Homeowners we’ve worked for report only a hint of smell outside of the bathroom.

Have you considered how many people it takes to do a bathroom renovation? There are plumbers, tile-setters, a general contractor and more! When resurfacing, the traffic through your home is minimal. If you choose our company,  either my son Mitchel or I will do the re-glazing.

Along with us, we bring compact compressors, ventilation fans, a tool box and a variety of tarps, tapes and papers to protect your bathroom during the process. There is no big post-renovation cleaning needed. A dry “overspray’ dust may be present which a quick dusting will remove. Then, remove the protective masking from the faucets and other areas and your bathroom is done.

In order to do the resurfacing, we need access to water, electricity and drainage as well as a source of light. This is similar to what a renovation crew would need, but where you will find a difference is in the budget. A bathroom renovation can run upwards from $5,000 while a tub and surround resurfacing averages $800

Sometimes renovating is the right answer, while other times resurfacing wins out. Call us to see which option is the best fit for your bathroom.




"How to turn a ratty old bathtub and shower surrround into a sparkling new fixture? Dave, at RESURFACE SOLUTIONS has the answer! Thank you so much. You did a great job, and you saved us from having to totally dismantle our bathroom."

- Ann Keylock


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